Summer 2018 Seminars

Westgate E213

Date Speaker Title Links
6.29 Yu Fu VeriMAP: Transformation-aided Horn Clause Verification  Website
7.6 Pei Wang Efficient Sampling of SAT Solutions for Testing  Paper
7.13 Li Wang Input Sensitive Profiling
7.20 Dongpeng Xu SlowFuzz: Automated Domain-Independent Detection of Algorithmic Complexity Vulnerabilities
8.31 Xiangdong Jia Towards Efficient Heap Overflow Discovery
9.07 Xiao Liu Summer Intern Experience
9.14 Rupesh Prajapati Summer Intern Experience
9.21 Qinkun Bao Summer Intern Experience
9.28 Zihao Wang “Revery: From Proof-of-Concept to Exploitable” and
“FUZE: Towards Facilitating Exploit Generation for Kernel Use-After-Free Vulnerabilities”
10.05 Xiaoting Li Visualizing and Understanding Recurrent Network
10.12 Jingquan Zhang Collecting and Analyzing Data from Smart Device Users with Local Differential Privacy
10.19 Li Wang VulDeePecker: A Deep Learning-Based System for Vulnerability Detection
10.26 Yuyan Bao When Coding Style Survives Compilation: De-anonymizing Programmers from Executable Binaries
11.2 Wenbo Guo LEMNA: Explaining Deep Learning based Security Applications
11.9 Xiaoting Li Adversarial Examples and The Related Work
11.16 Canceled Classes were canceld due to the weather
11.23 No seminar Thanksgiving
11.30 KeyDrown: Eliminating Software-Based Keystroke Timing Side-Channel Attacks