2019 Lunch Seminars

Westgate E213

Date Speaker Title Links
1.11 Jingquan Zhang Fuzzing File Systems via Two-Dimensional Input Space Exploration​
1.18 Rupesh Prajapati Long Text Generation via Adversarial Training with Leaked Information​
1.25 Xiangkun Jia Research summary of program analysis and vulnerability analysis​
2.1 Yu Fu VeriMAP: A Tool for Verifying Programs through Transformations​
2.8 Xiaoting Li Robust Physical-World Attacks on Deep Learning Visual Classification​
2.15 Zihao Wang Evaluating Fuzz Testing
2.22 Yuyan Bao Reasoning About Frame Properties in Object-Oriented Programs
3.1 Xiangkun Jia Sharing works in NDSS 2019
3.9 Spring Break
3.15 Li Wang Research Practice Based on Symbolic Execution & Semantics Equivalence
3.22 Yuyan Bao Making Software More Reliable By Using Formal Methods
3.29 Zihao Wang KATE:K-Competitive Autoencoder for Text
4.5 Robert Brotzman CaSym: Cache Aware Symbolic Execution for Side Channel Detection and Mitigation
4.12 Precise and Accurate Patch Test for Binaries
4.19 SABRE: Protecting Bitcoin against Routing Attacks
4.26 Zihao Wang Dtat-Based Marketing Strategy Optimization for Car-Hailing Platforms
5.24 Zihao Wang LLVM-Based Program Analysis
5.31 Xiangkun Jia Improve fuzzing with ml
6.7 Yuyan Bao Blockchain security
7.12 Xiangkun Jia AFL and improvement
7.19 Yu Fu Prolog and related research
7.26 Li Wang N-gram binary code similarity analysis
8.2 Zihao Wang Machine Learning Featured Program Analysis