July 2017

Dr. Wu receives the PNC Technologies Career Development Professorship.

June 2017

Xiao Liu won the bronze medal during the ACM graduate student research competition at the PLDI conference, Barcelona, Spain. Congratulations Xiao!

Dr. Wu receives NSF CAREER Award to advance malware detection.

October 2016

More news on our network moving target defense: Network World, and many other places, including

Science Daily,
Science Newsline,
Innovation Toronto,
IT Security News,
Homeland Security News Wire,
Daily Mail,

September 2016

A Penn State news release on our moving target defense work: Setting up a decoy network may help deflect a hacker’s hits. The news also appeared in Science Daily.

The work is also covered by Angel News and Daily Mail.

July 2016

Office of Naval Research (ONR) press release about our work JRed to fight software bloat:

Shedding the fat: ONR explores ways to trim software bloat, improve security.

August 2016

JRed was also covered by

Tech Republic: Bloatware as a security risk: Researchers’ innovative ways to combat the scourge

Tech Switch, and


November 2015

Our Uroboros paper and software release have generated quite a few buzzes on Twitter, GitHub, Reddit, and Weibo (Chinese Twitter).



(We have got 36 stars, 10 watches, and 10 forks in less than a month after release!)

Reddit (reverse engineering):

Our tool is also introduced by Tencent Security Lab, in its “daily news” on Weibo (Chinese witter):

November 2012

Dr. Wu receive NSF grant to support system security research.